What is Depression and Mental health? how to manage it

What is Depression and Mental health? how to manage it

Many people have mental health problems. We have heard a lot of stories about mental health and how people fight for their mental peace. We also have heard stories that people with mental health problems take sleeping pills for peace and some good sleep.

The fact that there is no price for mental peace, we need to understand that once it gets affected it can ruin all of your life matters. The human brain is the strongest body organ, and it controls whatever you do.

It also controls your thoughts, decision-making power, and your behavior and reactions towards certain things. Like, every other organ, it also gets affected when the chemicals released by neurotransmitters are not in the right amount.

When something alters brain function, disorders like depression and stress take place. These are mental health diseases that affect you mentally and physically both.

As far as your mental state is concerned, depression slows down your brain and makes you feel anxious, sad, and unhappy.

Depression is not just having a feeling of sadness, but it is a bit dangerous and becomes a reason for suicide among people.

What is depression?

According to the medical definition, depression is a disease that slows down the working of the brain and makes it hard to even take little decisions in life.

In simple words, it is a condition that involves a loss of interest and unwillingness to take part in life matters. It is a major depressive order that negatively affects your mood and the way you act and do daily activities of living.

In other words, people with depression go through low moods, which increases the feeling of sadness. It can occur once in some people and twice or more in others.

It could be mild or severe, and the degree of severity varies from person to person. Depression makes people think that they are not worthy enough, and it leads to suicide or suicidal thoughts.

It is a leading cause of disability, and it can affect people of any group. There are no specific age or gender barriers for depression because it can occur in both males and females.

Signs and symptoms of depression

The sign and symptoms of depression are obvious, but they need to be figured out at right time. Sometimes everybody among us feels empty or sad, and it’s natural, but if this state continues or becomes chronic, it means it is not normal.

The constant feeling of grief, loss of interest, and emptiness are a sign that something is wrong with a person. To understand the sign and symptoms of depression, you must know that it is different from the normal feeling of being low or sad.

Due to workload, monotonous routine, and a lot of things going around us, we often feel low and need some time to get back to life. But, if someone is having a rough time and is constantly looking for ways to quit it means they have depression.

Doctors explain the sign of symptoms of depression as difficulty in concentrating, excessive feeling worthless, changes in appetite, or persistent depressed mood. These are the common symptoms, but along with that the decrease in energy, insomnia, oversleeping or suicide attempts are also symptoms of depression.

People fighting depression are not able to express what they go through. They choose to avoid social gatherings and have comparatively slow and agitated movements.

They also go through body changes like loss of body weight and appetite. Restlessness and irritability are also among people with depression and some of them also complain of digestive changes.

Tips to manage depression

The first tip for mange depression is to seek out help. If you think everything gets better with time, you need to rethink and tell yourself that depression is as dangerous as any other disease.

To get rid of depression, it is essential to seek medical help. Consult a psychologist or psychiatrist and talk about your depression journey with them. They would help you like no one other.

The second tip to manage depression is to express yourself. When you talk to someone or share your feelings, you feel lighter and better.

During the depression, people choose to isolate themselves, but if they do the opposite and talk to their loved ones it will save them from a lot of bad things that happen in later stages.

The third tip to handle depression is to replace your unhealthy behavior with something productive and useful. Instead of caging your thoughts, go out and divert your attention.

Procrastination is a big cause of depression, and if you stop doing it or decrease it, your negative thoughts turn into positive thoughts. To get rid of procrastination, involve yourself in healthy activities like exercise, yoga, and worship.

These are spiritual elements but are effective in dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression.


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