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EP gel flex 100 g
Sinupret drops 50 ml
ACC Long 20 effervescent tablets
ACC Long Instant 600 mg powder in a bag of 10 pcs
Betadine Disinfectant solution 30 ml
Brufen Anti-inflammatory drugs 50 tablets
Celaskon Vitamin C Long effect 30 capsules
Desodrop protective and lubricating eye solution 8 ml
Detralex 500 mg 60 tablets
Espumisan 40 mg 100 capsules
Essentiale ® 300mg, 100 capsules
Flector EP 25 mg 20 soft capsules
Ibalgin 400 mg 48 tablets
Imodium 2 mg hard capsules, 8 pcs
Lioton 100,000 gel 100 g
Mar Rhino 0.1% nasal spray 15 ml
MIG 400 mg 30 tabliet
Nasivin Soft nasal spray 0.025% 10 m
Niquitin Mini 4mg 60 pastiliek
Olynth 0.05% nasal
Otrivin Menthol 0.1% nasal spray for stuffy nose 10 ml
Prostamol uno 320mg, 90 soft capsules
Solmucol 100 mg 1 x 24 pastiliek
Solmucol syrup 180 ml
Stoptussin solution drops 50 ml
TheraFlu cold and flu hot drink 14 sachets

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We serve from pharmacy “Lekaren Slimak”, located in a new town district of Bratislava.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: online we serve only not categorised medicines. If you have a state social insurance and receive reimbursement, the reimbursed medicines we supply only in pharmacy.

to get medicines online is, which has a wealth of expertise in providing high-quality medications. We operate with the conviction that every family has a fundamental right to good health, hence our mission is to offer affordable, helpful, and authentic healthcare experiences to all households.

Our aim is to achieve the rating of the best online pharmacy in Slovakia. Mailmedz - a unique establishment. We provide a complete healthcare management platform where you can follow your solutions generally and test results since we are more than just a web-based drugstore network that enables you to encounter the brand in its retail drugstore regions and routinely considers people. We are aware of your healthcare needs and want to be your go-to provider for affordable, top-notch medical care.

Health is a Habit

It is the voyage that leads you to new places every day, with unlimited possibilities for your life on the back of happiness, vitality, and hope. We wish to make this path easier for all Slovaks and assist them in living healthier and longer lives.

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 Mailmedz is on a mission to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible for every Bratislavian. We believe in empowering our users with the most accurate, comprehensive, and curated information and care, enabling them to make better healthcare decisions. We are the industry leader in professional, secure online healthcare, backed by a trusted network of facilities around the country.

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We've made buying medicines safely online easier than ever and offer you the most informed and open approach to health care, we offer the greatest cosmetic, health, and toiletry products at consistently low prices by governing following core values:

Trust: We have established a company that you can rely on to act in your best interests.

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Our pharmacists have professional Licenses with vast experience working in chemists/pharmacies. With this experience, our pharmacists can provide you with accurate and truthful advice concerning your requirements. Assume you're having difficulties sleeping and want to buy sleeping aid online. In this situation, we will thoroughly analyse your medical history because sleeping drugs aren't always the best solution. Our customer service professionals have vast healthcare sector knowledge and can provide you with current and specialized advice based on your requirements, situations, and products.

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We have you covered if you are suffering from sickness or need pain relief tablets. As an Online-Pharmacy, you'll have many more alternatives than your average Street pharmacy - and because we're open 24 hours a day, you'll never have to struggle with a long wait or a shop closed for the day sign. Our discretely wrapped home delivery service provides several options, and we also provide a Click & Collect service to Bratislava customers.

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Many are concerned about privacy and are ashamed to talk about sexual health. Don't worry! we know best. As a result, we have put security measures in place to protect your information, whether you utilize any of our services or the best premature ejaculation pills do so through our website. Also, if you need to contact our staff or pharmacists, your details will be kept secret and secure by others. We take your privacy protection very seriously and take appropriate steps.

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